2021 9/1 Key Biscayne Visit with Joan’s Cousin, Jan and David Ichel [page to be removed]

Joan has 42 cousins that she keeps straight in her mind, remembers many of their family details and tries to visit during our travel. So far, I’ve met about half and they are universally nice people with interesting stories.

David had an exciting and busy career as a litigator, working to help people and businesses win legal proceedings. He is amazing relaxed for years of stress in a job that demanded extensive time and travel.

Jan and David have been married over 30 years and really enjoy their life in Key Biscayne overlooking the area between Florida Bay and Miami Beach. The view of the Atlantic Ocean from Key Biscayne is breathtaking.

We visited for hours over a delicious quinoa salad and grilled flavorful salad. Their temporary apartment, while their home in Coconut Grove is being remodeled, is a techni’s dream. For example, the lights in the guest bathroom come on when you enter – and the toilet seat goes up getting ready for whatever you might wish to do.

The full length mirrors reflect movement around the room and make the floor to ceiling window walls to the bay look even larger.