Current Events




Monday 4/19/21

  1. Ron DeSantis’s draconian bill cracking down on public protests was approved by the Florida legislature. In the end only one Republican voted with Democrats against the measure. It still passed. Will business rebel against the clearly unfair crackdown against public demonstrations in Florida?
  2. Afghanistan has only about 2,500 troops left from the US while out allies have thousands more. The military claims these cannot be withdrawn before June because so much equipment must be removed. With 2,500 troops in place, it is hard to see how much equipment is left. Should the military just destroy the remaining equipment? Give it to our allies? Work harder to get it out? Afghanistan is in essentially the same place now as when the Soviet Union left ears ago. Will the Taliban restart their attacks once the US Army leaves?

  3. There is a tremendous problem on out Southern border and, in fact, all over the country with visa overstays, very large numbers of asylum seekers on the southern border, large numbers of flatly illegal entries in the Southwest. The overall problem is similar to the Jewish entry from Germany. Eventually Congress passed the Nationality Act in 1940 and the Immigration Act in 1950. These acts established standards and quotas for immigrants that “legalized” sending back Jews once the quota had been reached. We agree this was a terrible thing to do to the Jews. Why is this different? Why have the Republicans declined to negotiate a “Comprehensive Immigration Bill?” that includes work permits, the mandate to tax and pay immigrants exactly as we do citizens and stronger sanctions against employers who hire and pay outside of the legal limits?

  4. Arkansas has outlawed medical intervention for transgender youth over the Governor’s veto? Why? Don’t these kids have enough on their plate? These bills attempt to control another’s body. How are they different from bills opposing abortion?

  5. Mitch McConnell has warned big business (think Coke and Delta Airlines among others) to stay out of state politics. Big companies have responded to boycotts and threat of boycotts to push back against Georgia’s new restrictive voting laws. Are the new laws truly restrictive? Are the restrictions anti-minority? How do we shape laws to properly restrict dishonest voting without improperly restricting fully legal minorities?

  6. In response to Georgia and other states restrictive voting laws over 100 major companies have begun planning to withhold political contributions from those states who restrict voting. Will this be effective? It must be because McConnell strongly object. Is it legal for companies to work to influence the states?
  7. Cuomo has been accused of using state staff to produce his two books. These books sold only a small number of copies (48k) but carry an advance in the $millions. Did Cuomo commit a crime during the writing of the book? Is the outsize advance (more than Obama received) being provided in return for favors from New York?

  8. Noravax is working of a combined booster for seasonal flu and COVID. Other companies are in various stages of developing a modification to the vaccine to better fight the variants. This is big business. If the COVID vaccine turns into an annual booster, billions are to be made. It is likely this will happen. Should the Government absorb the costs of an annual COVID booster? How about a combined COVID/Flu booster?

  9. Deborah Brix is speaking out that more could have been done to reduce the loss of life from COVID. Dr. Fauci spoke out a small amount and was taken off the public speaking role. Brix followed the Trump line and now says more could have been done. Could the press have done more to make the truth known? Right wing Government still seems to be doing negative items – outlawing masks, refusing passports. What can be done to improve the safety of our population when senior officials refuse to tell the truth?

  10. Over the past several years, every state has phased in “real ID” cards, typically attached to driver’s licenses but offered to non-drivers in each state. There ID cards are required to fly. Given the funding involved in voter’s rights (and suppression), why can’t we just help every legal citizen obtain a “real ID” card and accept it as sufficient proof to vote?
  11. When will our life return to normal?