Unnamed, the Travel Trailer

Meet our newest toy, a 2019 Coachman travel trailer.

We felt it was time to expand our horizons from the many beautiful places we explored by water to the even more beautiful places we are going to explore in our new home on wheels.

We traded our trusty 215,000 mile old Mazda Tribute for a much newer GMC Acadia Denali with the power to pull a small castle. Once the trade was complete, we explored travel trailers we could pull and Stu could drive – we were half right.  Driving turned out to be a challenge, but Stu is learning and our bitten nails are growing back.

The trailer was purchased in Sarasota, Florida. Unlike buying shoes, for example, the trailer purchase ritual requires more than one visit to the dealer – so we invented two weeks in the combined car/trailer purchase experience and we are both surprised we are still talking.

But, the trailer is air conditioned, has a lovely kitchen with a real gas oven, microwave, and stove, and a bed that rivals any we have slept on in comfort. After one long weekend, we are enjoying our travels.

We had rented a motorhome to attend Sierra’s birthday party in Austin, but the rental mattress was so uncomfortable we started for looking for a better option. Lucy the Travel Trailer is the result.