Selling Shearwater IV

It is time to part with our beloved Ranger R-25 tug. A complete description of the tug is available by clicking About our Boat on this web site.

We have every southern waters factory option including factory air and a generator with various replacements and upgrades added over the years. You can read about the equipment list here.

In addition to the factory air conditioning, replaced in 2016, we added an inverter, extra battery power, and a small air cooled air conditioner that can both serve as an underway or sleeping air conditioner under inverter power or as a full time dehumidifier in a slip or dry stack.  You can read about underway air conditioning here.

Every enhancement and repair I’ve done is described on by searching my posts.

Except for the engine problem described below, everything is, I believe, fully operational and replaced or renewed as needed to ensure perfect operationl

We had previously experienced an overheating problem when operating above 2000 RPM.  After weeks of hunting and lots of money, we found they yard had partially painted the Shearwater inlet screen shut, reducing the water flow.  This problem caused extra strain on the Run Dry impeller eventually stripping the impeller from the hub at high speed and as time progressed ever lower speeds.

Finally, it is fixed with lots of new parts that were unneeded but welcome.

Since the engine has undergone quite a bit of work, I will warranty the engine for up to $10,000 of parts and labor incurred during the first three months of your ownership. I don’t think you will have any problems.

I’ve set the asking price by reviewing Yachtworld and several Ranger dealer web sites to produce the following plot:

Judging from other asking prices, my 2010 Ranger would have an asking price of $94,000 if the engine were running perfectly. As noted above, I will repay you for up to $10,000 toward any repairs or parts you must install in the first 90 days.

I urge you to have a survey of both the boat and engine after we reach a “subject to survey” purchase agreement.

I am a USCG licensed master and would include up to 3 days of delivery, instruction, or equivalent cost of shipping ($3,000) in that price. In addition to the engine warranty offered above, I will help with any repairs during the first 90 days if you are local to my area.

I’m open to discussions of how to fairly structure the sale.  Please e/mail me at or call me at (561) 352-1796.