Selling Shearwater IV $82,000 – Offers

It is time to part with our beloved Ranger R-25 tug. A complete description of the tug is available by clicking About our Boat on this web site.

We have every southern waters factory option including factory air and a generator with various replacements and upgrades added over the years. You can read about the equipment list here.

Every enhancement and repair I’ve done is described on by searching my posts.

Every known problem, annoyance, or issue has been fixed, some to better than new. Just completed an incident free trip across Lake Okeechobee to the SW Florida Ranger Rendezvous, not a single glitch!  Ready for another – I’ll even do an oil change you can watch and give you the special tools!

Our previous overheating problems, common to many Yanmar 4BY2 engines on R25s are FIXED!  We installed a larger sea strainer and thru hull, getting rid of he one first factory installed when they used much smaller engines.  We also relocated the heat exchanger fill to a place you could reach without nicking your fingers, easy to check the coolant and add if necessary.

I will work with you while you are learning the boat.

I’ve set the asking price by reviewing Yachtworld and several Ranger dealer web sites to produce the following plot:

Judging from other asking prices, my 2010 Ranger would have an asking price of $94,000. Since I just bought a new travel trailer, I’m offering her for $84,000 and will help with any Florida delivery if necessary.

I urge you to have a survey of both the boat and engine after we reach a “subject to survey” purchase agreement.

If you are new to boating, I am a retired USCG Master and will help with instruction and up to one month in her present slip.

The Shearwater is USCG document and Florida titled.

Please e/mail me at or call me at (561) 352-1796.