2021 July 5 to July 14 – Visiting Austin

Stu traveled from S. Padre Island to McKinney Falls where he camped at a site Miguel arranged just across the road from Rebecca and Miguel’s motor home. It is a lovely shaded site, open and very quiet.

The high points of the trip included a visit to the McKinney Falls upper falls, “famous” as a perfect swimming spot with an exciting falls we could jump from if we were brave enough!  Sierra first shamed Rebecca into jumping with her than persuaded Miguel to jump with her again.

When there is an Upper Falls, there must be a lower falls. I bicycled over to the falls and arrived just after everyone else went back for lunch. It was a lovely setting for a civil engineering project. Two families of about 6 kids were building a dam across the stream below the falls.  After they left, I took over and finished the project, disrupting Texas water flow forever.

Not much to see, but a 3 hour project for a 10 year old who is proud of the work!

There were many best parts of this leg of the trip for Stu. One of be best of the best was the several hours Sierra worked on building a music box. We shared patience, frustration, satisfaction, and patience. as we read only the fine print Sierra could see, peered at the IPhone enlargement of the directions neither of us could see and finally wound and listened to the music box.

I don’t remember ever having such patience with Shirley, Josh, and Rebecca.

Stu finished his Austin visit with “good byes” and hopes that COVID lets us meet again soon. I enjoyed Emma Long Campground as a home base and especially enjoyed a full day of Kayaking to the popular Ski Shores restaurant about 1 1/2 hours of paddling down the river.

Ski Shores is located far from the campground by kayak. I’m not a strong paddler. This year I was determined to paddle until I found the lunch. It was a rewarding end to a rewarding week.